Kass Evans, writer of historical fiction and mysteries
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About the Author

Kass Evans is the author of fiction set in the first century AD Roman World featuring the historical person Alexander the Alabarch.
Kass Evans with statue of Julius Caesar
Kass with statue of Julius Caesar in front of the
ruins of Caesar's Forum in Rome, Oct. 2004

Besides writing, Kass is the President of Terra Enterprises, an umbrella company promoting the unique products and services of "micro businesses." A micro-business has only one or two employees.

Terra includes two of Kass' own product lines: a) Terra Consulting for metadata, imaging, digital libraries, portals, and b) Terra Gift Stones the ONLY company in the U.S. manufacturing start-up kits for new gemstone collectors.

Kass was born in Tampa, Florida but grew up on Air Force bases in Puerto Rico, California, North Carolina, and Delaware.

She developed an interest in Ancient Religions while working on her B.A. at University of Florida and went on to earn an M.A. in Religion at Florida State University and another M.A. in the New Testament period from Claremont Graduate School (California) where she wrote a thesis on "Women's Letters in the Greek Papyri."

Later Kass began work on her Ph.D. in "Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean World" at University of Pennsylvania with Robert Kraft. Various circumstances kept her from completing the degree although she had done much of the preliminary work on her proposed dissertation topic, Alexander the Alabarch.

Because of her educational background, all of Kass' historical fiction addresses different aspects of religion in the ancient Mediterranean world. She hopes to bring an authentic sense of antiquity to her writing because of her years of training in the historical critical method and in ancient and modern languages (Classical and Koine Greek, Biblical and Modern Hebrew, Latin, Coptic, French and German).

Kass also has an M.Ln. (Master in Library and Information Management) from Emory University. She began work in university libraries but was eventually recruited to assist with information management in several university and government computer services departments. She designed and supervised the release of one of the most complex, standards-based digital libraries and one-stop information gateways in the U.S. while working full-time in the Office of the Chief Information Officer of the National Park Service.

Kass lives on a conservation area outside Tampa, Florida with her three energetic children Stormy, Beau, and the Doodle Boy. She loves to garden, collect ancient coins, read mysteries, visit the local science and art museums, and never misses an episode of CSI (the original of course.)

Send email to: kass@kassevans.com