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Katherine "Kass" Evans, M.A., M.A., M.Ln., M.V.

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Alexander the Alabarch: His Social World

One of the intriguing aspects of Alexander the Alabarch's life was that his influence straddled so many different worlds.

Rome: He was epitropos procurator/guardian? to Marc Antony's daughter Antonia Minor, friends with Emperor Claudius, and imprisoned by Emperor Gaius (Caligula).

Egypt: He was Alabarch (a Roman administrator managing Egypt's gold supply) and well regarded in the Alexandrian Jewish community because of his "superior heritage" and wealth, plus the piety of his philosopher brother Philo of Alexandria.

Judea: He was in-law to King Agrippa's I and II. His son Marcus married the Jewish princess Berenice and their children (if Marcus had not died young and childless) would have been potential heirs to throne of David.

Below is graphic pointing at some of the documented relationships that Alexander had in the Roman, Egyptian, and Judean worlds.

Alexander the Alabarch relationships

Alexander's Rome

The following is the beginning of what will be an ongoing effort to describe Alexander's world through text and images.

Alexander's Egypt

    Under development

Alexander's Palestine

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